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So a new extended version Sex and The City trailer went up on Friday. And within the space of 24 hours was brutally ripped down. Ruthless heartless barbarians that filmy folk are.

But in those few fleeting hours, what did we glean from the juicy nugget? A giant Sex and The City the movie recap please.

Fast forward 4 years after the final series ended and Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie and Samantha are still kicking about Manhattan wearing disgustingly fashionable garb, drinking fabulous cocktails and generally living the high life. Charlotte's adopted Chinese daughter is now around 4 years old. And Harry, monkey that he is has knocked her up. Not the daughter - Charlotte! (It's possible Char's massive plastic screen bump was modelled on J-Lo's - it was that large...) Pregnant J-Lo pics

Miranda, Steve and Brady are still living happily ever after. Until Steve gets up to no good with a mysterious 'other lady' and foolishly spills the beans to Miranda. (School boy error Stevie - a woman's memory is bigger than an elephant's!)

Meanwhile Samantha's still perving after anything with a heartbeat and trotting out scathing one liners like her life depends on it. She slips 'national forest' into a conversation about unruly pubic hair, proving beyond doubt - she's still got it. Hunky and gentle Smith's still knocking around (as says the cast list) and, in a curious break from tradition him and Samantha indulge in a saucy beachside romp wearing nothing but....wetsuits. Kinky. Sex and The City - on set pics

And Carrie. Dear old Carrie. Still flouncing around Manhattan, wearing expensive shoes - and at one point a giant flower (sneer not, it works). Nearly marries Big - but gets jilted at the final hour. (She wants a big wedding. Big just wants her). Dyes her hair black - (which is eerily reminiscent of Madonna in her earth mother stage). And hires a personal assistant in the form of suitably gorgeous Jennifer Hudson. Because these days she a 'serious wrider' at The New York Post.

The film comes out May 30th. Which is frankly 3 months too far away and the waiting actually painful. So if like us you might die of frustration between now and then, check out the trailer. It certainly whets the appetite - if only for a moment.
Sex and The City trailer

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