Tips for sensitive armpits

Some parts of the body are more prone to sensitivity than others. This is especially the case for areas where you remove hair, like your armpits. Deodorants may aggravate armpit sensitivity, as some chemicals can be an irritant.

If you shave your armpits, replace disposable razors or blades at least once a week. Shaving with dull blades can create additional irritation. Blades can also build up bacteria which can cause infections.

Believe it or not, one of the best hair-removal methods for sensitive armpits is waxing. It can be a painful method of removing hair but it is less irritating in comparison to shaving. Since you only have to wax once every four to six weeks, you will not be irritating the skin in the armpit area between sessions. For best results, book an appointment for an underarm wax at your local beauty salon.

The chemicals from deodorants and antiperspirants can irritate sensitive armpits, especially when applied after shaving. Talcum powder may be a better alternative for sensitive skin.

Occasionally, sensitive armpits are caused by fungus. Clean your underarms everyday and dry thoroughly after showering.

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