Get a pampering pedicure at home with Scholl Express Pedi

Calluses and hard skin that build up on the soles of the feet are not only annoying, they can also become painful. With Scholl Express Pedi, there is a pleasant way to indulge your feet in the comfort of your own home. This gadget from Scholl is easy to use and gives effective and long lasting results.

How it works

Scholl is a respected brand when it comes to foot and hand care making gadgets and products to maintain feet and hands in an easy manner. The Scholl Express Pedi is a device manufactured by the company to help care for rough skin on the feet.

  • The device

In the past, Scholl has already made shaving devices with the same purpose of removing hard skin. The Scholl Express Pedi is an ergonomically designed gadget that fits in the hand nicely for accurate movements. It works using 2 AA batteries so you can smooth skin quickly by applying light to medium pressure. Replacement blades are available for sale.

  • How to use

1. It is always advised to use the pedi roller on newly-washed feet for hygiene purposes. The best time to remove hard skin is after coming out of the shower or bath when skin is still soft from being immersed in water.

2. Roll on the affected areas using soft movements. Dead skin will fall off as you shave them away with the pedi roller. Each session should not last longer than 20 minutes. Use as needed for smooth and supple-looking skin.

3. As precautions, diabetics and those with blood circulation problems should not use the electric device. The roller should not also be used on open wounds and cuts.

  • Feedback

Consumers who have used the product have found it a delightful device for an instant pedicure at home without the pricey costs. The only complaints are: the batteries get drained quickly and there is no brush that can remove the dust trapped in between the blades.


The Scholl Express Pedi is a practical and effective electric device that you can use at home or on the road to remove hard skin in an instant. It is portable and shaves off dead skin in a short span of time. For men and women who have issues with callused skin, it is a splendid alternative to using pumice stone, patches or foot creams.

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