Scents of the World: Body Shop’s newest line of fragrance

The Body Shop, the inimitable skin and body care shop is known for its natural and organic products. It does not test cosmetics on animals and only sells 100% vegetable-based products. It has always supported worthy causes such as fair trade practices and community participation. Primary ingredients used in the making of products come from natural plant and fruit sources grown by cooperatives and artisan farmers. Just recently, the Scents of the World was released in August 2012, a fine collection of fresh fragrances.

Introducing the range

The primary idea of Scents of the World is to bring users different fragrance experiences with exotic and unusual scents sourced from all over the world. It aims to mould a cosmopolitan consumer to appreciate sensual treasures from unique ingredients. Organic alcohol, plant and flower extracts are used on these scents.

The collection

Delightful and fresh scents await the avid perfume lover with the following collection:

  • Amazonian lily - is a fresh scent derived from white lilies, orchids, and irises. Papaya fruit zest completes the aroma.
  • Atlas mountain rose - the musky and citrusy smell of this fragrance is attributed to a fresh blend of roses, citrus, amber, and musk giving it a distinct scent.
  • Madagascan vanilla flower - is sourced from the Eastern African country of Madagascar; the perfume is a fusion of vanilla with a dominant scent of frangipani flowers and amber
  • Indian night jasmine - this heady scent is a mixture of sandalwood, jasmine, orange blossoms, and violet leaves.
  • Japanese cherry blossom - a refreshing scent that will keep you fresh with its combination of cherry blossoms, magnolias, and apple zest.
  • Packaging

All fragrances are available in 50ml bottles and presented with a complementary body collection such as perfumed body lotions, fragrance mists, shower gels, and perfume oil in different sizes.

The verdict

We are excited to use the fine collection of the Scents of the World and we truly hope these stay around for a long time. The collection is fresh, light, inspiring and very ethnic. However, we also anticipate other fresh scents coming up but until then, hats off to the makers of the Scents of the World for a job well done.

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