Scarlett Raises Milan’s Glam Factor

Italy’s grim economic forecast did not prevent designers Domenic Dolce and Stefano Gabbana from indulging in a show of unrestrained glitzy patriotism for the final show of the Milan Fashion week today. And whilst Milan remains one of the least celeb-soaked of all the Fashion Weeks, Scarlett Johansson’s presence on the front row upped the glam levels into a whole new realm.

One of the talking points of the D&G show took the unlikely form of a pair of pasta earrings; we know Italians are proud of their cuisine but these pieces of enamelled farfelle ornamented with jewels and finished with a shiny miniature aubergine were quite a statement, by even fashion industry standards. But the designers remained true to their Italian roots and explained to the guardian ‘for us, this is the essence of Italian beauty’. In keeping with the theme, models presented themselves along a catwalk bedecked with multicoloured fairy lights intended to recall ‘a small town in the south of Italy decorated for festivities’. Indeed.

Whilst the designers were revelling in their own Italian-ness a stunning Scarlett Johansson looked on from the front row alongside Italian model and socialite Bianca Brandolini d'Adda. Johansson, who was hailed as the face of the Dolce and Gabbana cosmetics range in 2009, sported a blush-coloured lace dress and striking bright red lipstick which got the flashlights clicking like crazy. The Hollywood actress, who is the brand’s spokesmodel, debuted the Fall/Winter ‘Sweet Temptations’ line of cosmetics earlier this year.

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