Scandal of the Secret Diary of a TV Controller

The secret blog of a TV Controller, aged 33 3/4, is sweeping its way into the mainstream media limelight with its scurrilous revelations and fly on the wall commentary about life in the television clique.

Although not without something of a backlash. The blogger who remains anonymous has said he does not have any particular executive in mind with his commentary, however it it's becoming a widely held view that his muse is the controller of BBC3, Danny Cohen.

Clearly a spoof in the style of the infamous Guido Fawkes, who writes the immensely popular Order Order, the blogger has said that there is a lot more coming up for 2008 and he is apparently unphased by backlash among industry insiders.

We have a feeling this is another candidate for a blook deal (blog to book, of course) - the author is certainly switched on to merchandising already, with some rather fetching "I love Itchy Reality" t-shirts on offer already.

Blog on that man!

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