Talent scouts

This year’s coveted Vauxhall Fashion Scout Merit Award has gone to design duo Sam Leutton and Jenny Postle, writes Vogue. The designers, collectively called Leutton Postle, will receive a hude boost to their careers with a fully sponsored catwalk show and exhibition space at Vauxhall Fashion Scout during the S/S12 London and Paris Fashion Weeks.

The pair graduated from Central Saint Martins and specialise in knitwear design. Leutton told Vogue: ‘To receive the Merit Award for our first season together is brilliant. We feel it's a fantastic platform for new talent and are positive that the support Vauxhall Fashion Scout is giving to us is incredibly beneficial at these early stages. We are super excited.’

Director of Vauxhall Fashion Scout, Martyn Roberts, praised the girls for their innovative use of textiles, citing them as the perfect example of that unique London ‘edge’: The Vauxhall Fashion Scout Merit Award is an internationally recognised launch pad for London's most innovative designers and Leutton Postle fits the bill perfectly. Their collections push the boundaries of fashion design and construction, creating the conceptually beautiful and challenging edge London is so famous for'.

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