Save on tweed sports jackets for men

If vintage clothing is your thing, then you're going to absolutely love our latest online discovery, www.vintagewhistles.co.uk. Founded by husband and wife team Denise and Steve, who have long since shared a love of vintage and retro clothing, the site offers rare, usual and unique men's clothing at great prices.

Although they are a second hand store, absolutely everything they stock must pass the most stringent of inspections before being allowed into their collection. They allow nothing to stand in the way of their promise to only stock mint condition clothing made of the best materials, so you know that you can buy with confidence. In fact, their products are of such a high standard that they are regularly used by TV production companies seeking period dress for shows.

Already on the go five years, their reputation seems to be growing exponentially, and they currently have some amazing offers available for the more shrewd fans of vintage men's fashion on their website.

Being lovers of tweed, the one deal that really caught our eye is the beautiful 1980s made vintage Harris Tweed multicolour Sports Jackets for men, coming in a single breasted style with flapped hip pockets, each with two button closure.

It features a brown and black base weave of hand woven Harris tweed from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland with striking multi coloured flecks of blue, orange, green, red and khaki running throughout which give it a truly unique aesthetic.

At just £50, reduced from £59, this is a real bargain for anyone looking to add a little retro charm to their wardrobe, so if it sounds like something you're interested in and you want to save on tweed sports jackets for me, act fast before someone snaps it up!

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