SamCam is Our New Leader

Downing Street took a giant fashion leap forward yesterday as Samantha Cameron made her debut on Vanity Fair’s 2010 International Best Dressed List.

Despite making the fashion faux-pas of being heavily pregnant (a big no no – babies are very 2009), SamCam was selected as a style leader by the influential magazine. According to the list her look is ‘Realpolitik’ and she is most likely to be seen in Phillip Lim and Erdem. Her dress up accessories include ‘brooches, chain pendant, bib necklaces’ and to dress down she wears ‘Converse sneakers, a pram’.

Mrs Cameron is the first heavily pregnant woman to make the list, and joins fellow first-ladies (and Best Dressed List-regulars) Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. It’s a relief to us here at FashionJunkie that we have a bit of sartorial grace back in the big house. Sure, Sarah Brown was nice and all, but for us there was just a bit too much Twitter, and not enough glamour.

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