Sack the stylist!

K-Midds and William garnered some negative press last week, when it transpired that they were on the hunt for seven members of staff, including a dresser, house-keeper and several cleaners. The royal couple had previously claimed that they'd be happy to tackle their own washing-up. Well, their spokesperson has now made a public apology, saying that the extra staff aren't required, and that Kate can dress herself, thank you very much. Though she will be bringing her own hair-dresser on the public tour of America.

Kate and Will's Private Secretary told The Daily Mail, (look away if you can't stomach posh-speak), ‘I made a boob. It is the first time I have worked for a lady. It was a move on my behalf to create a structure that was based on what is traditional. The entourage is designed, whoever it is, according to requirements of the tour and we've just followed that principle really. In that, actually having done a pretty careful analysis, we've kept it as tight as we possibly can. But we've been minded of the fact (this is) the Duchess's first tour and she needs to be properly supported so she doesn't have to worry about stuff other than core matters.'

Core matters can be translated as; hand-holding, flower-collecting and dress-wearing. All tasks are harder than they look, we're sure.

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