Fit and healthy with Rob Riches

Rob Riches, the London-born fitness personality, is an established name when it comes to health and fitness. He was the 2009 World fitness model champion and appeared on several covers of magazines. An accomplished individual, he was sponsored in 2005 by LA MUSCLE, Europe’s largest supplement company. Riches also hosted and produced shows for Sky TV. Rob launched 2 websites, robriches.co.uk and robriches.com as an online training platform and to showcase his portfolio. In 2009, he launched robrichesfitness.com to help people from all over the world become healthy and fit.

The formula

Rob Riches believes in coaching the body and not forcing it to do things in order to lose weight and become fit. Through a series of videos and training sessions, he teaches clients to listen to their bodies coaxing them to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. The website offers some of the following services:

  • Training videos

An online workout diary, it highlights what Rob Riches does including his methods and techniques for gaining muscle, body conditioning and functionality. It will teach you how to train like a professional to begin the transformation of your body. In addition, training articles are available for valuable insight on body fitness. The site's library will also provide all materials you need for exercise and training including handling weights. Moreover, helpful training videos are included such as full body workout, abs exercises as well as modelling and competition videos for those who like going in that direction.

  • Nutrition tips

Rob Riches believes in combining workouts with proper nutrition and as such, gives important nutrition tips to clients. Tested recipes are suggested as well as the right use of supplements to complement the programme. There are even cooking videos to inspire workouts.

  • Membership

To gain access to the site, robriches.com charges a monthly fee of $9.99.

  • Workshops

Robs also holds workshops in London and LA as well as works on a consulting basis for fitness and nutrition videos.


Just recently, Rob Riches was involved in a controversy. Accordingly, the fitness model and bodybuilder failed the drug test before the WBFF competition. The culprit was a substance banned by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) which was found in Craze, a supplement he bought. Unknowingly, the substance contained N,alpha-diethyl-benzeneethanamine, a banned substance.

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