Rihanna pays $18000 for a cut and blow dry, and other tales of celebrity divas

Celebrity and diva go hand in hand. Some diva-like behaviour are apparently just for publicity - like Michael Jackson sleeping in his hyperbaric oxygen chamber - and some are so bizarre that we hope they're made up - like Justin Timberlake having someone disinfect doorknobs every few hours. Here we have a look at a few recent celebrity diva moments...

Rihanna pays $18000 for a cut and blow dry

The Barbadian star was in England and, after a session in the spa, her hair was looking a little untidy. She was due to appear on the Jonathan Ross show later in the day, but instead of getting it sorted by one of the many top UK hair stylists, she got her own stylist a first class ticket on the next trans-Atlantic flight. That added up to a jaw dropping price tag of over $18000! Diva Rating: 6/10.

Lindsay Lohan’s mum called the police when she was refused a free ice cream at Carvels

Dina Lohan was using Lindsay’s card that entitles her to free ice cream at Carvels, but unfortunately the card doesn’t work for Dina too. The salesperson refused to give her a free ice cream and took the card because Lindsay wasn’t there. Dina decided that this was criminal and phoned the police, who - needless to say - weren't interested. Diva Rating: 8/10.

Justin Bieber's cheeky antics

Justin Bieber is showing signs of being a diva already and we wouldn't be surprised if he got worse over the next couple of year. He has sworn at TV crew members, refused to sit on his seat on an aeroplane and many, many other misdemeanours. Love him or loathe him, in the next few years he's likely to become a diva king. Diva rating: 5.5/10.

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