Relax, Justin

When Justin Bieber launched his first perfume, our initial thought was 'Why is Bieber releasing scent for ladies?', then '...hang on, the design looks suspiciously like Marc Jacob's 'Daisy'. Well, Marc is aware of the 'tribute', and has decided to take the high road, and not sue little Biebs.

In an interview with fashionista.com, Jacobs confirmed that he was relaxed about the issue, 'Coty said, ‘Do we sue them?’ and I said, ‘You know what? Let everyone else say what they want.’ We’re not going to do anything about it.'

However, Jacobs saved his ire for the species known as fashion journalists, telling the writer (ooh, awkward), 'I have no problem going on record with this and probably have gone on record with this before, there aren’t that many people who I respect. There just aren’t. I think journalists have the right to their opinions but I think their opinions should be based on history and what they see, to what they feel, how long they’ve been waiting or whether it’s raining or it’s snowing or whatever.'

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