Rehab is back in fashion for Amy: here's where to go

Whatever the wayward celebs get up to on the other side of the pond (Lohan, Hilton et al), they don't come close to our homegrown rock stars. Winehouse and Doherty are flying the flag for downright dirty rock star crazy living.

After her latest chilling crack smoking video (who is concocting and producing these one wonders?) Amy - who at StyledLife we have to admit we love to disapprove of - is back in rehab.


We hope she carries on and manages to sort out her issues.

In the meantime, we've put together our top three rehab clinics. So if you fancy checking yourself in for a bit of celebrity style treatment to get off your binge drinking or addiction to crisps, here's where to go:

1) The Priory - it's got "you'll probably meet Robbie Williams" written all over it

2) Celebrity Institute of Rehabilitation Labs Inc - you've got to take a trip to Malibu if you want to go here, but you're guaranteed to see Lindsey Lohan.

3) Edward House Drug Clinic - now put on the map due to Amy Winehouse's recent visit, this rehab centre in Mill Hill, North London, may well be poised for an influx of famous faces.

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