How to get luscious and fabulous red lips

Red lips are timeless and classic looks. However, there's more to putting on a red lipstick to get a bold effect such as knowing the correct shade of colour to go with your skin tone and makeup. We show you how to achieve that popping and bright mouth for an enduring fashion statement.

What you need to know

Red lipstick is traditionally associated with glamour, glitzy nights and a black or red cocktail dress for that stark contrast. But, the fantastic thing about having red lips is that anything can look astounding whether you're wearing casual or formal clothes. A more important consideration is to find the perfect red lipstick to match your skin tone and makeup.

  • Colour guide for different skin tones

1. Neutral red. This type of red goes with all skin tones and you’ll find you can have that smashing effect whatever skin colour you have. Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel is a great example.

2. Orange red. Those with yellow or olive skin tones will stand out in orangey red lipsticks to cast a warm glow on the mouth. Take a look at Giorgio Armani's Rouge D'Armani 401 for vibrant lips.

3. Cool tone reds. A pale or pinkish skin looks best with pink or bluish reds. Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Mascate is a superb choice.

4. Dark reds. This type of hue is ideal for those with darker skin tones. The colour gives a rich effect. Lancome, MAC, and Maybelline have dark red lip stains that are fantastic.

  • How to apply the stain

Once you have chosen the right colour for your skin tone, you're on your way to getting those red lips. Prep the lips using a lip balm or conditioner. Use a lip exfoliator for problematic areas. Apply the first layer using a lip brush starting with the lower lip and moving to the upper lip. Follow the natural contours of the mouth. Correct or adjust where there is not enough stain. You can also use a lip liner first and then use the brush to apply lipstick. When you’re not using long-lasting lipstick formulations, you can blot your lips with a tissue and then apply a second coating. For a sheer look, apply a lip gloss. You can also use a concealer around the lips to enhance the shape. Wear less eye makeup to make the lips stand out. Put on a blush which matches the colour on the lips for that gorgeous effect.

Key points

Everyone, young or old, can look great with red lips. It is a classic look that defies any age and will remain in vogue forever. Just remember these simple rules when applying lip stain on the mouth. Although you can choose to ignore these suggestions, red lips look better when matched properly with the skin tone and the rest of facial makeup.

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