Rats! Must have fashion accessory

Sorry Peta, but fur is back. And it doesn't come from a cute cuddly critter either - it's rat. The Guardian reports that catwalks are awash with the hair of nutria water rats. Yum.

Everyone from Billy Reid (no, haven't heard of him either) to Oscar Della Rentas, who deployed the fur as 'a thick trim on the hem of sumptuous jewel-toned coats,' is using it. The 'lustrous fur ranges from yellowish to mahogany brown and has a dense grey underfur that can be sheared to a velvety finish. But it's more rugged and rough to touch than mink or rabbit.'

Fortunately for the water rat - commonly found in, we're guessing sewers, the fash-fur gets the ethical thumbs up too. Trappers are paid $5 for every rat they catch because the vermin have become an environmental nuisance in places.

So that's alright then. Peta, thoughts?

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