Does the Raspberry Ketone Diet Work?

The raspberry ketone diet has been advertised as a sensational weightless method and, after its advertisement on the Dr Oz Show in 2012, the supplement quickly sold out across the US. However, there is actuallynoclinical trials supporting evidence that raspberry ketone aids weightless, and there is even less evidence to show that a diet focussed on raspberry ketone is safe.

What is raspberry ketone?

Raspberry ketone is a natural phenolic compound that occurs in a variety of fruits such as cranberries, blueberries and raspberries. However, it only occurs in small quantities, of about 1 to 4 mg per kg of fruit.

Because raspberry ketone is naturally hard to come by, it costs as much as $20,000 per kilogram. However, synthetic raspberry ketone can be produced cheaply and barely contains any raspberry ketone at all.

Usually, raspberry ketone is used in perfumery industries, cosmetics and the food industry but has only recently been advocated as a miracle weightless gimmick since 2012.

How does the raspberry ketone diet work?

According to the Dr Oz Show and other sources that claim the raspberry ketone diet is effective for weightless, raspberry ketone regulates adiponectin, a hormone that boosts your bodies immune system. Raspberry ketone, as a supplement, should help increase your bodies metabolism therefore burning more fat. However, there is no scientific research supporting such claims.

Suggestions that the raspberry ketone diet will show immediate effects or is a super fast miracle treatment are also unsupported by clinical trials or scientific evidence and are likely to be untrue. When the metabolism rises, this is not nescessarily an indication of weightless; exercise is still required to tone muscle and burn fat, whereas a rise in metabolic rate is more likely to process nutrients in your system faster and is not as effective at burning calories as cardio and exercise would be.

Alternative supplements

Although there is no harm in taking raspberry ketone supplements with guidance, you should realise that there are no specific scientific papers or trials that support the raspberry ketone diet as a form of weightless or aiding weightless, so you could essentially be wasting money.

However, blueberries and raspberries contains antioxidants and several nutrional properties that can aid in weightless (although not directly burning fat), which can be an alternative to raspberry ketone diets and much cheaper. Green tea has also been scientifically proven to increase the metabolism and help the body burn fat, which can be another alternative to the raspberry ketone diet at a much cheaper price.

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