Make huge savings on the Radley Filey handbag range

If you have decided that you'd like to invest in a brand new handbag, but aren't totally sure whether or not you want to go all out in terms of cost, then we recommend you take a look at some of these fantastic deals we've found on the Radley Filey handbag range across the internet.

First up, we have the Radley Filey Medium Tote, an elegant design crafted from only the finest leather in a gorgeous soft barrel shape. As per standard it features the unique Radley dog charm decoration, but also has space for a gorgeous bracelet decoration adorning the other side of the handles, made from metal, wood shell and pearl.

The bag is available in both red ivory and black, offering you a hard choice for which one you'd prefer, but if you want to use it as a multi purpose bag you'll find it hard to go too far wrong with the black. The bag is available from www.ladieshandbag.org.uk for just £119.00, down from the original list price of £150.00, and the product code on the site is 49452.

Another offer available from www.ladieshandbag.org.uk is the Radley Filey Mini Grab. This stunning miniature is made from the same super soft, gorgeously smooth leather as the Medium Tote above, and has more than enough room to carry your night time essentials for a trip out on the town with your friends. With a zip pocket inside to accompany the traditional slip pocket, and a zip top, this bag can be yours for just £69.00, down from the original price of £85.00. The product code for this one is 59450.

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