Quick and Chic: new make up trends in no time

Which is the best make-up for an evening out or a special occasion, or even an ordinary day at the office? The new trend is the “Quick & Chic” make up, simple and fast, yet elegant and sophisticated like the one worn by celebrities on the red carpet. Whether you want to focus simply on the eyes or on the lips, the possibilities are endless and all quick and easy to achieve. It doesn't take ages to create a gorgeous look that works both day and night.

Follow our step by step guide for the ultimate “Quick & Chic” look.

Focus on eyes

If you decide to focus on the eyes only you can choose between two options, which are fast, easy to achieve - even for absolute beginners – yet give impressive results. You don't need to stay in front of the mirror for hours and have lots of expensive tools. All is needed is some practice and clear ideas about the look to achieve.

1. Cat Eyes - Apply an Eye Primer over the eye lid, followed by a matte finish ivory eye shadow. Trace a line of black eyeliner along the edge of the upper eyelid. Beginners can draw small dots along the eyelid and then join them together to create a neat line, retrace the line a couple of times to in order to obtain a thicker line. Remember to trace the line at the outside corner to elongate the eye. Since this is an evening makeup you can apply a glitter eyeliner (choose your fave colour: gold, silver, pink, purple, green) and apply it from the inner corner of the eye up to half eyelid. Black mascara has to be applied generously to thicken and lengthen eyelashes. Complete your makeup with a nude lipstick or gloss.

2. Smoky Eyes - If you are not particularly good at drawing neat lines with an eyeliner, you can opt for the classic smoky eyes look, which is less complicated but still amazing. After applying the primer and ivory eye shadow, choose whether to use your finger or a good eye shadow brush:

-If you choose your fingers, always use your ring finger because it has the lightest touch and will blend the colour more easily. Dab your finger in dark eye shadow (you can choose black, dark blue, dark green ...) and apply to the crease of the eye from the inside corner out, taking care not to spread it too far high.

-If you choose an eye shadow brush, blend the make up with small circular movements in the crease of the eye starting from the inside corner going outwards.

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Once applied the dark eye-shadow, pick a warm shade that goes together with both your skin tone and the blended dark eye-shadow: i.e. you can choose a deep purple colour to go with black eye-shadow. Dab a small quantity of purple shade and blend it starting from the crease of the eye going upwards. This way, the shading will be less sharp.

Focus on lips

If you have full gorgeous lips, focus the make-up on them. Bold bright coloured lipsticks are this year must have and the right shade will better emphasize your best asset. For a simple, elegant evening make-up follow these steps:

- Use a primer to achieve a flawless skin;

- Apply a good powder to fix it;

- According to skin tone and eye colour choose a light eye shadow: I.e. bronze is good on blue eyes as it brings out the shade of the eyes;

- Apply a dark brown or black mascara lightly;

- Finally, choose your favourite shade of lipstick: red is a timeless classic, but has to be chosen carefully, according to skin tone. Ruby red suits fairy skin, while brown undertones suits darker complexions. Fuchsia is trendy, but doesn't look good on everyone: good on blondes or brunettes with blue or green eyes or on fairy skin with raven hair and eyes.

The looks here listed can be achieved in 10 minutes.

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