Queen of the highstreet

She may be a future queen with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld lining up to sing her praises as a style icon, but Kate Middleton still has her feet firmly on the ground - if her latest shopping spree is anything to go by.

Kate was spotted in the high street store Warehouse yesterday, browsing for summer clothes with her bodyguard. According to the Daily Mail she bought four items for the tidy sum of £225 and was 'really nice and friendly' according to an assistant.

Her summery choices suggest Kate and Will are going somewhere hot for their honeymoon, although the palace are remaining tight lipped about the location. Perhaps the PR team at Warehouse could do with a lesson in secrecy from the Palace, as they were very quick to release news of Kate's visit to the media. Within an hour of her trip to the King's Road shop, a press release had been sent out detailing her purchases and saying: ‘Kate Middleton has just popped into our King’s Road store and has picked up some amazing summer pieces!’...classy.

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