push up bikinis uk - take it to the max!

Push up bikinis UK stockists have an ever expanding range to choose from.

Most of the high street stores offer their own ranges of cleavage enhancing swimwear whether it be in the form of gel inserts, subtle padding or an adjustable neckline.

New Look stocks the Kelly Brook swimwear range and this is designed to enhance every figure. Slight padding and flirty halterneck designs mean that you get the lift you're looking for!

If you're looking to compare the prices of bikinis then the website shopzilla.co.uk is a good starting point. When you input your search criteria, the site produces a list of what's available that matches your search. Currently there is a special offer on the La Senza gel DD cup that is available from Debenhams. Instead of paying the usual price of £25, it is now reduced to only £20 and promises you a cleavage second to none!

Other offers include bikinis from lightinthebox.com that are discounted by up to 50%! This means that you can expect to only pay £23.24 for a sexy push up bikini top that has centred ties and comes with matching low rise bottoms. This item was originally £46.69.

If you're specifically looking for gel inserts then you need to check out maxcleavage.com. Not only do they stock a wide range of bikinis all discreetly enhanced with the gel padding but they also offer a "made to measure" option. These bikinis offer the volume that many women crave but it doesn't come cheap as the prices start at around £70 for the polka dot version and £65 for the basic black model.

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