Pupa's dazzling and fun 2013 Christmas makeup collections

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The holiday season is probably the best time of the year for cosmetic brands as they release their special limited edition collections for Christmas and the Italianissima Pupa is no different.

Pupa is known for its spectacular and unusual make-up kits packaging, and for this Christmas they’ve dedicated one collection to the art of entertaining and to shows, ranging from music to mime, from dancing to opera, from fashion to masquerade with their Pupa Dolls, Puposka, and the Pupa Pierrot collections.

Inside these cute and fun looking makeup kits you’ll find products for the eyes and lips.

They have also made it easier for gift buying friends to choose the right shades by dividing the products into warm colors and cold colors; the first is ideal for women with brown hair and brunettes, while the second is for blondes and women with light brown hair.

Pupa has also launched another collection for this 2013 Christmas, called Pupa Princess, that is both romantic and glamorous.

This particular collection features an eight color palette with a combination of iridescent satin and matt finish eye shadows and also contains an “absolute black” eyeliner.

To illuminate your skin Pupa offers the Illuminating Loose Face Powder which is a mix of exclusive luminous pearls and contains moisturizing orchid extract, for extreme comfort.

There are also two new and shiny cream long lasting eye shadows that combines pearls and pigments in stunning nuances like shiny mauve and shiny green.

Mauve and green are also the colors of the Pupa Princess Diamond eyeliner.

It's a gel eyeliner with a mix of glitter and microcrystalline pearls and can be worn alone for a shiny result - or as a top coat.

Pupa’s mascara dubbed Vamp! can according to the Italian brand give you the "wow effect of false lashes, without the bother of wearing them".

There are four divine shiny colors to choose from in their liquid lipstick range that goes from nude, green, mauve to sparkly paillettes.

Four shades also make up the Lasting Color nail polishes, while for nail art fanatics there’s the three dimensional Fluffy Velvet kit in a romantic shade of pink.

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