Pupa Cosmic Beauty collection for Fall 2013

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Pupa’s new Cosmic Beauty Fall 2013 collection is inspired by the mystery of flickering stars and the deep, dark and endless universe.

The new limited edition collection decides to forget about the nude and natural look that many makeup artists have proposed as a makeup trend for this Fall 2013 and concentrate on a much more colorful range based on the cold and metallic colors of the cosmos, with a stunning chromatic palette made up of glittering and iridescent hues.

The Cosmic Beauty collectioncontains, three new shades of lipsticks, four different shades of nail polishes, eyeliner pencils, powder eyeshadows and a face illuminator.

Starting with the eye products, there is the long wearing eyeshadow–eyeliner stylo – which is a two in one easy to blend product that comes in four different colors: Nebula Taupe, Space Violet, Eclipse Blue, Meteorite Green and Cosmic Black.

The eyeshadow is a loose iridescent powder that can be applied either dry or wet (for more deep and glamorous effect) and it comes in three different shades: Iridescent Silver, Iridescent Blue and Iridescent Green.

The eyeshadow can be used alone or over other eyeshadows.

The lipstick is also a time and money saving 3-in-1 product, that combines the benefits of a lip balm with the shine of a gloss and the rich color of a lipstick, and comes in three wonderous shades: Space Rose, Mars Fuchsia, Jupiter Burgundy.

For face makeup, Pupa has created the illuminator dubbed Luminys Touch Pearl Edition.

This illuminator enhances the natural glow of skin with iridescent reflections, and it can be worn alone or with foundation, and it comes in a single color, Milky Way Pearly Rose.

Going all out in the nails department, the Italian cosmetics brand has two different proposals: glossy or iridescent.

The Iridescent Nail Polish comes in silver or blue, while the Glossy Nail Polishcomes in two brilliant and shiny shades, Burgundy and Green.

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