How to get a punk rock make-up look

A punk rock make-up look is a distinct style, a result of the fusion of various art and music cultures. Achieving this look is easy with a few steps, but the best trick of them all is to use your freedom of expression. Re-create punk rock fashion using our tips or make one of your own.

Getting started

Skin preparation is important if you’re to achieve a punk rock make-up look to perfection. Cleanse the skin, removing any traces of cosmetics before applying on another coating. Not everyone is blessed with perfect, blemish-free complexion, so apply foundation and a correcting fluid to hide dark circles or pimples. If you want to go for a pale effect that you can contrast later on with bold colours, choose a foundation that’s one shade lighter than your normal skin tone.

Do the eyes

The eyes say it all when choosing a punk rock make-up look. Choose a black eyeliner for that brazen and dark effect. Use Kohl pencils to emphasise the eyes. Eyelids can be highlighted with browns, blacks, greens and blues. Don’t use pastel or nude colours as they are bland and make you look like you have nothing on the face.

Enhance the cheeks

Put a subtle blush on the cheeks to give it a bit of colour. There are people though who hate putting a blush and it’s entirely up to you if you want to accentuate the cheeks or leave it au naturel without any pink or red colour.

Make the lips shine

The lips and the eyes altogether make a great contrast and effect when doing punk rock style. Go for dark reds, purples, browns, or blues to get the desired effect. Watch the magnificent contrast when using dark eye and lip cosmetics on a pale face. Apply gloss just to make your lips look moisturised.

Add special effects

Now, special effects make or break the look. Glitter make-up gives your face a shine and glow. However, use them sparingly to avoid killing the effect. For instance, dab a bit of glitter on the eyes while leaving the cheeks free. Or, in place of a blush, finish the face with glitter powder for a brighter look. Drawings on the face (using black pencil) are great ideas using unique designs such as a tear or star.

Clothing, shoes, and accessories

Even if you’re donning a punk rock make-up look, it won’t make a lot of difference if you’re wearing plaid shirt and trousers. Check your mum’s stuff to see if there are fun outfits to wear or go to vintage shops for your punk rock clothes. Ideally, go for bustier, t-shirts with rock'n'roll motifs, leather or bomber jackets, torn jeans, and combat boots. Get a punk hair cut in short or asymmetrical styles. Don’t forget body jewellery, such as spiked bracelets and earrings. Whether you are going for Gothic or girlie punk rock fashion, your personal style is what makes you stand out.

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