Pull the other one, Kylie!

If there's one thing that really gets our goat in the ridiculous world of celebrity, it's when a star offers up 'beauty secrets' that are quite clearly untrue. Take this gem for instance: Kylie Minogue, a lovely lass - but by all accounts (and all evidence) a big fan of the surgeon's scalpel - has claimed that her tip for keeping peachy skin is to use grandmother's favourite, Pond's Cold Cream. Cue pictures of hordes of credulous ladies, risking life and limb at the Boot's counter, desperate for 50 tubs of this wondrous ointment. And at only £3.99!

Kylie told the Daily Mail, 'It's really changed my skin. It's all I really use to look after my skin. It's such an old classic. My mum uses it and it really does work. It's made such a difference.'

Predictably, sales are now up by 120%. Perhaps the honchos at Ponds will now send Kylie a lifetimes supply - we're sure she'll be thrilled....

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