Pubic Art: how to dazzle your personal patch!

Pablo Mitchell writes on the introduction of his book 'Hip Snips' “Hair is hair, and hair is fabulous!” And when he talks about hair he doesn't mean the latest, but conventional hair-do, he's talking about pubic hairstyles, the new trend for both men and women.

Mitchell was part of the underground Pubic Art scene of the Eighties and pride himself of having styled the pubis of most of Manhattan's famous artists, from Andy Warhol To Grace Jones to Lou Reed. He also created a best-selling line of nourishing products to care for the hair down-there, as he considers the private area like a personal canvas that needs to be beautifully decorated.

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The book is a collection of tips and tricks on how to keep pubic hair in top-notch conditions: from general maintenance to best products there are no more excuses for leaving your 'patch' untidy. Mitchell has also designed an array of incredible creations, all carefully illustrated and highly detailed, to inspire the public.

If you thought the vajazzle, the art of adorning the pubic area with crystals, glitters and everything sparkly, was weird enough, wait until you read the names of Mitchell's coiffures, there is one for everyone. Love junk food? Get The Big Mac! Is your man a Star Wars fan? Why not get The Chewbacca? And if you're into fashion, don't worry you can style your bikini line up with The Louis Vuitton.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL "Pubic Art: how to dazzle your personal patch photo gallery"

'Hip Snip: Your Complete Guide to Dazzling Pubic Hair' is not just incredibly fun to read, it is also a way to spice things up in a world of boring brazilians and hollywoods. It will make you appreciate what nature gave us a little bit more and next time you're heading for a wax, think twice, as the possibilities down there are endless!

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