Prom hairstyles: three easy ideas

We present three fabulous Prom hairstyles, practical to wear and easy to realise. Prep them with care and they will last all night, the perfect complement to any look for your very special event.


Make sure you choose a hairdo that suites your face and what you are wearing: hairstyle and dress should match and enhance each other. Also, it's going to be a long and eventful day (and night!) so what you really need is to keep your hairstyle in place, or at least easily manageable – last thing you want is a complicated do that needs re-styling at the end of the ride to the venue!

So we opted out of many hyped up super trendy looks that have the downside to require a professional hair dresser to come along for the night. Take a look at our selection of stunning and easy prom hairstyles instead:


If you have curly hair and want a romantic look, start defining your locks by finger combing a curl cream through them. Carefully gather all of your hair into a French twist, then lay it around your head, securing it in place with pins whistle keeping the ends loose. For an effortlessly cool finish, pull little tendrils out to frame the face. Add a decorative hair band for an extra feminine touch.


This is a simple bun, lovely and feminine. First pull your hair tight into a high ponytail, leaving some hair underneath. Twist the ponytail in a bun, then take the piece of hair left out and wrap it over it. Pin everything in place and smooth away any flyaways with the help of a hairspray.

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Gather the sides of your hair into a wide French braid and secure it at the back with an elastic. Use only the hair from your temple to your ears, leaving the rest of the locks loose. Loosen up a bit the braid by tugging it, add some shin and wrap a bow or small piece of precious fabric or leather over the elastic on your braid.

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