Perfect Prom Hair Accessories

Prom is a very exciting, but all together nerve-wracking time. You have to find the perfect dress, shoes that are just right, your makeup needs to be faultless, and then there is your hair. What do you do with it? Should you wear is up, down, sleek, curled, parted, bumped? There are so many decisions. Updos used to be the go-to style for prom hair, but these days more and more girls are wearing their hair down for prom. Hair does not have to be up to look fancy. The addition of the perfect prom hair accessories can complete the look.

Jewels to Add Shine

Any hair accessories that are bejeweled will immediately fancy up your hairstyle. Look for headbands with large gems in colors that match your dress. Diamante Hair Bands are gorgeous on hair that is up or down. Small clips with multiple gems can add an all over shimmer as well.

Think in Color

Your prom hair accessories do not have to be monotone. Feel free to play around a bit. If you are wearing a black gown, you will have free reign on the color decisions. As they say, “Anything goes with black.” Even if your dress is a brilliant color, that should not stop you from adding another color that pairs well with it.

If you do decide on an updo, remember to use tons of bobby pins to keep your style in place. Shine spray should be spritzed on hair that is worn down to help tame flyaways. Finally, just don’t be afraid to go all out on the prom hair accessories, they can really finish off your look.

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