Produkttest: beauty reviews online

Looking good means being well. The wellness and beauty sector has evolved over the years from a relatively small scale industry for the jet-set crowd to an industry accessible to all.

The internet has revolutionised the way people take care of themselves. Googling a beauty product gives instant reviews, which more often than not convert into online purchases. User forums are a hive of real time information about which products work and why. And now, product testing videos– with the results made instantly available online, has made choosing the right beauty product even more of an exact science.

By subscribing to ‘beauty produkttest’ tags on sites like Vimeo.com, relevant beauty testing videos will show up in your inbox as soon as they are posted online. So you can see a product being tested on screen - as opposed to a behind the scenes laboratory, or simply reading the marketing blurb. This has its advantages: a visual look at the strength of a product is always more belieaveable than a verbal account.

But that is not to say that produkttesting tutorials are not always impartial. Many beauty and wellness brands produce their own product testing videos, which, not surprisingly, nearly always give a positive result. Womens magazines are more objective; their online review videos give readers a more or less unbiased idea as to the pros and cons of a given beauty product as well as information on the cheapest outlets to buy it – something you won’t find by going directly to the brand.

On the flip side of the equation, you can get free beauty products by signing up to be a product tester. By typing ‘beauty product testing’ into a search engine you will find countless market research companies that want you to test their products, and give you freebies in return. Some pay too. By signing up to one of these sites you’ll be among the first to hear of and try out new beauty and wellness treatments.

If you have a smartphone then keep fit and healthy by synchronising your exercise and diet with your online life. There are countless health and wellness apps which purport to help you lose weight, get perfect skin, achieve sparkling teeth, pump you with enthusiasm for your fitness regime and even enhance your tan.

The Healthy Habits app (downloadable in the Apple store) gets you healthier by correlating facts like how many times you took the stairs in a day and how much water you drank. It then gives you attainable ‘milestones’ to reach over the week.

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