Princess Beatrice gets a job

It's always entertaining when the nobility are forced into the gruesome underbelly of the hoi polloi, but when it's a real Royal, it's priceless.

Princess Beatrice has taken up a day job serving on the shop floor of Selfridges having decided to take a gap year before going to university. Unlike the majority of yoofs who would much rather kick back on the sofa and treat themselves to a year of daytime telly, the 5th in the line to the throne has set about earning herself a crust (albeit a fairly cushdy one.)

Of course Beatrice's foray into the world of work isn't just as a bog standard cashier; she's a personal shopper in the luxe department of London's biggest department store, which, as well as being relatively stress free, is perfect for a virtuoso in the art of donning designer clobber.

Apparently Bea is already a big hit with the customers who can't enough of the novelty of being served by a Royal. In her first morning alone she shifted an "£825 Matthew William-son summer frock, a £310 Burberry jacket and a pair of £175 James Jeans trousers." (The Sun)

Nice to see one Royal topping up her own coffers for once.....

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