Price debuts new collection

Katie Price is one helluva busy lady. Not content with 'writing' books, selling herself as a commodity, and conducting a relationship with a man solely through the medium of mime - Leonardo doesn't speak English - Katie has also found time to design some handbags. Price took herself off to Earls Court, where the celebrity trooper also insited on getting up on the catwalk to show off her wares.

According to the Daily Mail, the Lamis website describes the clobber as being full of '...bright girly tones, beautiful soft fleece fabrics, vibrant prints, motifs and styles that are comfortable. Day 22 has been designed to appeal to a board range of females. The range is fresh and forever changing in shapes with new limited edition designs added every month.' '

Katie said of the collection, 'I have really enjoyed developing this brand with Lamis. We named it Day 22 as on the 22nd of each month we will be adding new pieces to the collection including clothes, bags, sunglasses and shoes.

Just one question remains; why 'Day 22'? Sounds a bit too Big Brother house for our liking...

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