Pregnancies over 40 on the rise

As the saying goes, there's never a good time to get a pet or have a baby. But some Brits really have taken this for verbatim, with new research from the National Office of Statistics revealing an almost 50% rise over the past decade in 40+ pregnancies.

Many modern women it seems, are too fulfilled, educationally, professionally and financially to give it all up for a baby early on. Another way of looking at it is that they feel insecure at the thought of getting back on the career ladder after time out on maternity leave.

There are also a growing number of middle aged divorcees stepping back in the ring for 'pregnancy round two' with a new partner.

That said, 25-29 is the most common 'birthing' age. And while teenage pregnancies have dipped overall, the kids are still doing their bit for national birth statistics by popping them out young and unplanned like rounds from a faulty machine gun.

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