P-P-P-Perfume Face

Ladies and gentlemen please lie back, take a deep breath and set those olfactory glands to ‘stun’: the high Queen of shock-value, Lady Gaga, has announced that she is launching her very own fragrance.

It seems that very little is known about the as-yet-unnamed Eau de Gaga, but that hasn’t stopped the Guardian (nor us) from speculating. Will it carry delicate hints of raw meat with subtle undertones of burnt cigarette-sunglasses? Perhaps she’ll go for a mix of maple syrup and sewage to satisfy her ‘little monsters’? Or maybe she’ll go all out and create a fragrance-free perfume that explodes into a shower of glitter and screams ‘look at me’ when sprayed?

What the Guardian can reveal is that Gaga is developing the scent with major beauty company Coty, which has previously developed perfumes for J-Lo and Beyoncé. Apparently it will be available from spring 2012, by which point Gaga will probably be running the world if her recent domination of the VMA awards is anything to go by.

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