Poundland vs Chanel - our kind of battle!

Can we dismiss high priced make-up, and instead do all our shopping at Poundland? This would indeed be a utopian ideal - and some brave testers put the question under the microscope (or in other words, slapped on some cheap slap).

First up - the cheap option. Poundland's foundations were given the thumbs up, but the blushers and bronzers were not highly praised by the testers, 'they had enough pigment to do a reasonable job, though under different lights, I looked a tad 'Tangoed', the mascara, however, was favourably compared to Lancome. The whole look was deemed 'impressive' - and at the laugh-out-loud price of £6.

Chanel on the other hand, was given double thumbs up for its blusher, foundation and mascara - though their eye shadow, according to the tester, 'immediately began transferring itself to my crepey upper eyelids and drifting below my lower lashes.'

Alas, though, the overall conclusion was clear, while it's okay to pick up your £1 eye shadows and liners - stick to the pricier foundations and blushers if you want your make up to last past lunchtime. Sad news, but probably a wiser investment in the long run.

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