Poshest burger ever

When you're so hungry you could eat a nun through a convent gate - the only thing that usually does the job is a binliner full of takeaway from a junk food joint. Cheap as chips, tasty as fook right? Wrong.

Burger King
are cooking up plans to unleash an 85 pound monster burger on the posh fast food market. And thats not 85 pounds in weight thats 85 pounds in sterling. Gasp.

The bugger and sheeps chain want to separate themselves from junk food giants like McDonalds (who they see as scuttling about at the lower end of the market), by offering an exclusive burger disguised as a patty.

The luxury booger will be made from Japanese Kobe meat, fois gras, and rare blue cheese -and will be botched together by a former Savoy chef now at the helm of all Burger King 'recipes'.

And where to flog the exquisite junk-beast? The only spot in the country where folk don't have to hunt down the back of the sofa to scrape together enough shrapnel for a ruby. Chelsea and Kensington of course!

he world's most expensive burger is currently "a sirloin burger stuffed with braised short ribs, foie gras and black truffles" which goes for a whopping $99 USD at the DB Bistro Modern in New York. But with the Brits poised to outburger the Yanks, a new world record for most expensive meat in a bap ever could very soon be set. All proceeds will go to charity.

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