Posh brought back down to earth

Dark times for Victoria Beckham; the singer-turned-designer has been forbidden from wearing her beloved sky-high stilettos after suffering a slipped disc. Posh has been snapped wearing (shock horror) flat ballet pumps, and not looking very happy about the towering foot-wear ban. Victoria gave birth to baby Harper Seven last month, and is rumoured to have developed back problems after wearing Louboutins while 8 months pregnant. The pregnancy-gestapo are enjoying the 'I told you so' factor after doctors told Posh that her show addiction was ruining her health.

According to The Daily Mail, a source denied that it was a serious problem, saying, ‘Lots of women suffer bad backs during pregnancy for obvious reasons and Victoria’s has just got progressively worse. She is seeing various specialists to help ease the pain and help increase mobility. She's definitely on the mend it’s just a slow process – so no walking, no bending or picking up heavy objects. She also has to have lots of rest.’

However, a friend admitted that Posh was feeling the strain, 'She is really down about the whole thing as she just wants to be able to play with her daughter like any new mum. But Victoria is trying to remain upbeat because she really does feel so blessed with the birth of her beautiful daughter. She is determined not to let this injury overshadow the happiness surrounding Harper's arrival.'

Posh tweeted, ‘Thank u for your kind messages. I’m feeling much better and enjoying every precious minute with baby Harper. I’m so in love. X VB.’ How long to wait until Vicky brings out a flat-shoe collection? We're betting on minutes rather than hours.

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