Pony Tales From Fashion's Front Line

Hair trends come and go with such speed that we struggle to keep up at FashionJunkie. No sooner have we chopped it off a la Emma Watson’s new ‘do, we’re suddenly being forced (yes, forced - this is fashion, it’s serious) to grow it down to our knees for Sienna Miller-esque ‘gypset’ chic. At the moment it seems to be tight buns that are all the rage, sitting high atop the heads of many a fashionista but according to Elle.com Spring Summer 2011 heralds a new trend: the ponytail.

According to the style mag, Louis Vuitton had glossy ponytailed models sashaying down the catwalk whilst Michael Kors presented ‘whispy’ ponytails. Other pony-purveyors included Preen, Stella, Julian J Smith and House of Holland.

If you’re not sure how to wear yours, check out this website which helpfully lays out the ground rules. Top tip: the higher the ponytail, the fiercer it is. Be aware though, this new hair trend does have its downfalls: trend forecasters warn that we could see a return to playground style hair-pulling, or worse still, you could end up looking like Katie Price. Think ‘healthy, sporty gal-about-town’ not ‘orange Barbie’.

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