Plus size gangster fancy dress - time to show us what you've got!

Plus size gangster fancy dress is currently available online.

If you visit sites such as The Costume Shop, you will see outfits like the popular Mafia Mama costume which retails at £64.99 and goes up to a size 22. This outfit consists of a jacket, waistcoat, skirt and hat all in a pinstripe design. There are also accessories such as a gun or cigarette holder that can be purchased separately. This particular site offers next day delivery within Ireland once the order is in by 4pm.

Wow Fancy Dress stocks a selection of gangster style costumes ranging from sexy and skimpy to covered up and classy. They currently stock a dress, belt and tie ensemble that goes up to a size 26 and retails at £36.89. Once again, there are accessories available but they don't come with the original outfit.

While the outfits themselves may not be too expensive, buying the guns and hats will drive the bill up so taking a look at the eBay stockists might be advisable if you're on a budget.

There are specialist shops within the ebay community that sell adult fancy dress in all sizes and the costumes are brand new. There are bargains to be found but always check on the postage prices before you bid.

Leg Avenue do a range of very sexy gangster outfits for women and they can be bought from eBay for £19.99 which is almost £10 less than other costume retailers are selling them for.

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