Where can you find plus size convict fancy dress outfits?

Everyone loves a good fancy dress party, even those of us who try our best not to admit it. There's something wonderfully freeing about getting dressed up in costume and heading out with little or no regard for how silly you look.

Unfortunately the whole dressing up experience can prove to be more of a pain than anything for those who take plus sizes in clothing. It's hard enough trying to come up with a great costume idea to begin with, never mind then having to trudge from store to store in search of something suitable in larger sizes.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, there are plenty of alternatives available for anyone sick and tired of jumping through hoops in order to find something as simple and straight forward as a plus size convict fancy dress outfit.

Allow us to introduce the wonderful Large and Lovely Fancy Dress, whose website is located at largeandlovelyfancydress.co.uk, and offers an unparalleled range of excellent costumes right the way up to size 40.

No matter what your size or taste, there's bound to be something on offer here, and with the great prices available on their website, don't be surprised if you end up buying more than you bargained for!

Our personal favourites are the aforementioned plus size convict fancy dress, which is available for just £30.95, the brilliant 1960's Woodstock Hippy Costume which includes trousers, waistcoat, tunic, belt and headband and costs just £23.95 and, of course, the Scarface-alike American Gangster Costume which costs £37.95.

So remember, that's largeandlovelyfancydress.co.uk for all your fancy dress needs - plus size convict fancy dress right through to 60's hippies!

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