How to pluck eyebrows

When it comes to plucking your own eyebrows, natural is definitely the way to go. Long gone are the days when razor thin eyebrows were the must-have look - today, natural brows are the look to have. Here we advise how to pluck your eyebrows in a way that best frames your face.

Plucking eyebrows - the tools

You'll need:

  • Slanted edge tweezers. This allow you to pluck both long and short hair effectively
  • Antibacterial cleanser - for tweezers and brows
  • Cotton pads
  • Moisturiser

How to pluck eyebrows

Begin by thoroughly cleansing the tweezers in an antibacterial wash. This prevents them from transferring bacteria into newly opened hair follicles and causing spots.

The best time to pluck your eyebrows is when you're just out of a shower or bath. Hair will be softer and follicles will be relaxed, making it easier and less painful to pluck.

Using the cotton pads soaked in antibacterial cleanser, wipe the area that you will be plucking. This prevents breakouts the morning after.

The best eyebrow shape to frame your face is your own brow shape. You should therefore aim to pluck along your natural brow line. Start under the brows and remove any stray hairs. If you think that your brows need thinning, pluck hairs from along the lower brow line. Leave the upper brow line alone to maintain the natural arch.

Now remove any stray hairs from above the brow line - but as mentioned, don't pluck along this line.

To determine where your brows should start and end, draw an imaginary line between the tip of your nose and either corner of your eye. Pluck away any hair that falls outside of these lines.

Continue to cleanse the brow line with antibacterial wash as you pluck your eyebrows. This will keep newly opened hair follicles clear of dirt and oil.

When you think you've finished plucking, compare both brows to make sure that they are even. Some further plucking may be necessary.

Finally, apply a moisturiser to calm the area, reduce redness and help to prevent ingrown hairs.

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