Why choose platinum engagement rings

If you are going to pop the question or are getting betrothed, what would you wish for? You should probably try platinum engagement rings. Platinum holds stones better and maintain its lovely colour without the need for re-dipping. In addition, there is only a slight price difference between gold and platinum, so why not go for a metal that's rare, hardy and beautiful?

Platinum vs. gold and other metals

Getting engaged always costs money, but why not choose something that you and the bride to be like such as choice platinum engagement rings? They are hardier than their yellowish or whitish cousins giving your rings a chance at survival for keeps. If you like something that lasts forever just like those brilliant diamonds, then you'll surely love platinum engagement rings.

  • Composition

Platinum is one of the rarest metal substances ever mined on earth. It is produced at fewer than a hundred tonnes each year which makes it a valuable commodity because of the scarce supply. It is highly resistant to corrosion and does not change its silver-like colour making it an ideal component in jewelleries, laboratory equipment and electronics. In terms of purity, platinum is 95% pure compared to gold which has only 75%.

  • Advantages

When you choose platinum engagement rings, you are going for more than the physical properties of the substance. It also means finding the time to choose something so rare that will last forever. Its colour remains unblemished and will not fade over the years. Platinum will not tarnish its colour on to gemstones which are attached to it. Platinum is a malleable and ductile substance making it a great metal to shape and hold precious stones. Above all, its value is going to increase over time because it is a rare and premium substance. Hence, even if you put an outrageous sum now on the table, your investment is not lost.


So yes, when you opt for platinum engagement rings, you are sure to get a piece that will not only last and increase in value over the years, it is also a jewellery piece that will be loved for it sparkles and keeps its brilliance and purity. While it is a personal choice, most women who love silver tones or jewelleries made from the metal will be ecstatic to receive platinum engagement rings.

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