Plastic - always fantastic

Fashion trends come and go with such speed that sometimes it’s hard to keep up – polka dots or stripes? Neons or pastels? Latex or lace? Errr…well maybe that last one isn’t everyone’s dilemma but it seems to be the case for many a celebrity looking for that all-important re-brand message.

Katy Perry has recently found a whole new edge to her already racy image by posing in a latex catsuit in the promotional ads for her new perfume. The Kissed a Girl singer is seen crawling along the floor in a bubblegum pink and blue latex onepiece, complete with tail and huge ball of wool, for the scent – appropriately named Purr.

Of course Katy is only one of many popstars who have turned to the plastic onepiece – Britney was famously a fan, cavorting around in a bright red PVC number for her Oops I Did It Again single and opting for a black pleather all-in-one for her Toxic video. Of course the ultimate raunch-award would have to go to Madonna, who wore a black PVC catsuit complete with ropes and chains in her Human Nature music vid.

So it seems no matter how many fads and trends pass us by, there is always one look that can be relied on. Maybe not one to wear to the office though…

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