Piercing Ideas for Women

Piercings are a great way to express your individuality; unlike tattoos, they're not totally permanent and can be removed if required and are much cheaper. Piercing ideas for women depend on the type of look you want to express, and whether your job or lifestyle will have any impact on the type of piercing you have.

Lifestyle and Jobs

One of the reason many people refrain from tattoos is because of job requirements, or they're worried a certain visible tattoo will reduce their employment opportunities. However, some piercings can be easily removed and placed back after work, if your job is customer focused and requires the removal of piercings.

You may want to consider what kind of lifestyle or job you have before looking at piercing ideas for women. For example, if you work exclusively in a customer focused role, consider how a facial piercing may affect your job options; although these can be removed for interviews, they need to be worn most of the time to prevent the hole closing up and will need re-piercing if removed.

Most body piercings that aren't visible are completely acceptable in all types of jobs. Luckily, alternative looks are becoming widely accepted in society, so unless you work as a teacher or with young children, facial piercings may not be a problem for you at all.

Types of Piercings

There's a wide selection of piercings you can choose from. Some of these include:

Ear Piercings: These include the lobe, the tragus (the small piece of cartilidge in the ear) and the top of the ear. These are widely accepted in all areas of work.

Lip and Facial: Facial and lip piercings may not be ideal for some professional positions, such as teaching, but are more accepted in most jobs. Lip piercings and nose piercings are the most common and suit most women; eyebrow piercings, although worn, are not always suitable piercing ideas for some women. Cheek piercings are also available but are the most expensive on the face.

Body Piercing: These include the belly button, nipple, or any area of the skin and can be worn without other people knowing you have them. Surface piercings can be placed on any area of the skin, but will grow out after a few months. However, you can also consider microdermal piercings, which are surface piercings that won't grow out.


Always look for a qualified pierce artist who has references and a portfolio of work. Your artist may also give piercing ideas for women and your lifestyle, and make recommendations. Follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions carefully to avoid potentially painful infection, and make temporary changes for certain piercings (for example, tongue piercings may prevent you from speaking or eating for a couple of days, so isn't ideal if you need to return to work the next day).

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