Piercing Ideas for the Masculine Man

Piercing has been used in many cultures for centuries - in tribal cultures and Austrailian aboringes, piercings were traditionally worn by men and women for various cultural reasons. However, piercing didn't become popular in the West until the late 60s, and even then it was seen as taboo. Now, piercing is popular for men and women from all walks of life as way of expressing individual taste. If you want some piercing ideas for a masculine man-ly look, then check out our tips below.

Facial Piercings

Facial piercing ideas for a man who works or has to meet customers or clients on a daily basis aren't a good idea. Although widely accepted in most places, lip piercings and nose piercings, especially on men, aren't allowed in certain positions (such as teaching). Cheek piercings, sceptum and bridge piercings might make it difficult for you to find a customer facing role.

However, eyebrow piercings are the most popular facial piercings worn by men in all walks of life. They will grow out over a few years or even a couple of months, but they're easy to repierce and, whilst still giving you a masculine look, aren't seen as overly aggressive.

Nose and Mouth

Nostril piercings were very popular for women and anyone from an Indian culture, but they're now commonly worn by men. At first they were associated with an alternative skate culture, but now men are opting for rings in the nostril as opposed to studs. Once a nose piercing heals, they can be removed daily and replaced with a retainer, making them more acceptable for most jobs.

Tongue piercings are also becoming popular among men who want a piercing but need to keep it under wraps. Although the healing time can be longer than most piercings and quite painful, tongue piercings can be hidden for life without any problems.

Surface Piercings

Surface piercings on the arm and chester can be easily covered up when needed. The chest, neck and even nipple piercings are popular amongst men, but some will grow out after a few months and may need repiercing. For long lasting surface piercings, use dermal implants.

Tunnels and Stretchers

Piercing ideas for the masculine man also include lobe piercings, which are becoming more popular. But, rather than diamond earrings, most men opt for stretchers or 'tunnels' to stretch the lobe piercing to a larger size and fit larger rings and fashionable stretcher piercings. Stretching can take a long time to achieve the right look, but as long as you don't stretch your lobe too far they'll always go back to normal once removed for a few months.

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