Make-up Studio: The daring Fall/Winter 2012 petrol make-up look

Make-Up Studio is one of the world’s most renowned make-up brands with a wide range of quality make-up products. Established in more than 50 countries worldwide, the brand delivers high quality make-up products to cater for the needs of fashion-conscious modern women as well as professional women.

Make-up Studio has always been an innovator and executor of high-end make-up fashion trends. Its Make-up Trend collection Fall/Winter 2012 brings a daring, modern make-up art that features an exciting petrol make-up manicure look. The trend appeals to many women around the world who want to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Latest fashion trend

The latest fashion trend for winter 2012 has colour as the key element. Vibrant colours are teamed up with shades of black or grey or featured alone on exciting designs and creations. Fabrics are airy, voluptuous, high quality and luxurious, while trims and finishings are livened up with delicate gold, copper, metal or brightly coloured materials. Colour is the star of the season, which indicates what we can expect to see in the coming seasons.

Fall/Winter 2012 season trend

Make-up Studio has drawn inspiration from the vibrant colour trend popular around the world and incorporated it in its 2012 Fall/Winter Make-up Studio Trend collection. For this season, one of the Make-up Studio Trend collections is a daring, seductive appearance with a stunning petrol make-up manicure look.

The seductive and daring appearance boasts intense colours like deep indigo blue combined with grey and champagne for the eyes and complemented with seductive, soft brown lip gloss and smooth, shiny petrol nail polish. The overall look is elegant and modern similar to the celebrity make-up look that is hard to resist.

Developing the Make-up Studio 2012 look

Following the success of previous Trend collections, Make-up Studio chose Super Frost Eyeshadow Duo Dark Seduction to develop its Fall/Winter 2012 Trend collection. The eyes shadow combines two intense colour shades: champagne and indigo blue to achieve the desired look. Highlight the champagne colour under the eyebrows and apply indigo blue over the grey eyepencil to achieve an intense fixation.

Accentuating the look

Apply lipstick over Lipgloss Crystal Glows or use Lipstick Black Berry from the Trend collection instead to accentuate the lips. Make-up Studio picked the soft brown, shiny Lipgloss Crystal Glow to add more shine in its Fall/Winter Trend collection.

For the nails, use Make-up Studio's preferred dark petrol nail colour from the 2012 collection. The end result will be a beautiful, daring and seductive look with a distinctive touch of glamour. The exciting petrol make-up look for the nails rounds off the make-up allure in style.

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