Perfume Suggestions for your Wedding Day

If you're looking for perfume for your wedding day, have a look at some of the products below. Of course, your own personal tastes will influence what kind of perfume you like, but hopefully this list can help you get started. Whatever perfume you choose, you'll want something to create a powerful, special atmosphere for your perfect day.

Wedding Day Perfumes

Vera Wang

Vera Wang, a designer of wedding dresses, created this particular perfumefora wedding day to accompany her dresses. The perfume, simply named Vera Wang, is described as the perfect addition for any fairytale wedding, with a fresh and white floral scent for a sense of elegance. This fragrance has been described as the perfect accessory for the classic bridge.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Coco Mademoiselle is inspired by the 'modern bride' and is descirbed as 'sunny and elegant' with hints of citrus and orange fragances. This perfume goes from sweet and sensual to sexy over several hours, ideal for modern weddings and modern brides.

Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana

This balance of fruits and crisp florals, over base wood and musk, perfect for a light and refreshing fragrance slightly more subtle that Vera Wang's perfume. The long linger scent makes this perfume for your wedding day ideal if you want to leave a long lasting impression on your guests.

Falling in Love by Philosophy

This fragrance is ideal for young brides with a fruity blend of blackberry combined with soft floral scents over vanilla and musk bases. It's described as lighter scent, but also lingers and leaves a lasting impression and won't overpower your guests when you reach the alter.

Personal taste

The perfume for your wedding day should suit your own personal tastes, but you should seek the advice of professional wedding planners or even friends and family for a second opinion. Usuaully, the company that fits your dress may be able to provide some example products of perfumes for your wedding day and offer advice on alternatives.

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