P-Diddy and D&G face off over Cannes party

Diddy's last party might have been a grand affair for all who attended, but he's going to have to pull his finger out in order to take on the likes of D&G.

Diddy and Dolce & Gabbana are planning separate parties in Cannes which they hope will eclipse the opulence of this weekends Vanity Fair do - an event attended by almost every celebrity alive.

Diddy's been goading the Sicilian tailors with talk of a $250,000 merry-up on his yacht, a $100,000 firework display and du du duuh, Mariah Carey.

But the designer duo have hit back, flaunting plans to wow guests at the D&G party with a £1 mill fun budget to include, 'human platters' - naked models 'wearing' food for revellers to pick at, and a stage show from none other than Her Madgesty herself. Dangerously lavish.

Her Madgesty - Mariah, is Dids serious? We know which party we'll popping along to just as soon as our invite arrives in the post!

Check out D&G's last bash in Cannes - low key.

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