Paul Smith goes girlie

Ladies, if you have been bemoaning the fact that your fashion conscious boyfriend, lover or husband has been dragging you to Paul Smith stores in London, when you could be searching for the ultimate handbag, worry no more. The fabled designer, popular for his 'sixties mod-inspired colour schemes and images is soon to open a shop for women within Claridge's Hotel, that will also feature a small collection of his recognised men's designs Vogue Online reveals.

To match the style of the iconic hotel, catwalk outfits, exclusive goodies and bags and shoes galore will be housed inside an Art Deco-themed shop, featuring tiered tables, candyfloss pink walls and a high ceiling boasting two Italian Murano glass chandeliers.

The man himself was gushing with enthusiasm at the prospect of the store's opening: 'I have been a big fan of the hotel for many years and have held several women's shows there in the ballroom. It's original Art Deco style really appeals to me so having this shop is very special to me.'

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