Patsy, is that you?

Joanna Lumley sounds like she’s getting back into character for the forthcoming new episodes of Ab Fab, in a recent interview with Woman & Home magazine, in which she claims older women should dress in clothes aimed at teenagers and not care what the world thinks. We quite agree!

Lumley says: ‘I think it's important for women to be daring and not worry what people say. When it comes to fashion, I know I look good in cheap clothes. I suit the high street, not designer fashion. I love what people might call mutton-dressed-as-lamb shops. I love layering clothes, like young girls wear. I like being experimental with fashion.’

She says that women should ignore so-called rules about what is appropriate for the older woman, explaining that ‘People often say you can't have long hair over 40. B------- to that! I want long hair and I'm going to keep my long hair. And there's no reason we shouldn't go into Topshop because of our age. You can always find something to go with what you've got in there.

Many women might envy Lumley’s extraordinary beauty, which she puts down to £3 Astral face cream and vitamin supplements. She sounds less like her Ab Fab character Patsy Stone when addressing the subject of alcohol, which she says she drinks in moderation because of its aging effects on the skin. Lumley, who is 65, cites the Queen as an inspiration, saying ‘She turns out looking great. She is utterly extraordinary’. Read the full interview in the November issue of Woman & Home , on sale now.

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