Party like it’s 1994

There was a moment in the 1990s when Calvin Klein’s CK One fragrance looked set to overtake water as the most commonly used liquid amongst teenagers. Launched in 1994, it become a global phenomenon and spawned countless imitations. In a bid to connect with younger consumers, Calvin Klein has announced plans to launch CK One as a global lifestyle brand, reports Vogue.com.

The label will focus on jeans, swimwear and underwear (as well as the iconic fragrance, natch) with prices set to be around 15-20 per cent lower than Calvin Klein jeans and underwear.

Calvin Klein Inc's president and ceo Tom Murry told industry bible WWD ‘I think it could be bigger [than ck Calvin Klein]. The focus and concept of ck one is young and sexy, and to some degree price-driven. This is a global launch, which gives [ck one] the opportunity to be a much bigger business over time.’

As yet no launch date has been set for the brand but Vogue confirms that it will be available globally. We wonder if Vanilla impulse body spray and Lynx Africa will also be due for a major comeback?

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